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7 Best California-Approved Wine Fridges (CEC Buyer’s Guide)

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A wine refrigerator can be an incredible way to keep your wine in pristine condition for long-term storage, but due to energy mandates, many wine coolers are prohibited from sale by California residents. Finding California-approved wine fridges can seem like a daunting task, but we have provided a list of the best ones you actually can own if you live in California.

The top seven California-approved wine coolers available on the market are:

  • NutriChef 15 Bottle Refrigerator
  • Kalamera 30” Wine And Beverage Refrigerator
  • BGGME Compressor Wine Cooler
  • Lanbo Compressor Built-In Single Zones Wine Cooler
  • Kalamera 15” Built-In Wine Cooler
  • Bodega 24” Wine Cooler
  • Antarctic 24 Bottle Wine Cooler And Cabinet Refrigerator

In 2002, California presented specific standards for wine refrigerators to save energy and aid in preserving their diminished environment. Read on to explore our top seven picks for the best wine coolers that are approved by the state of California.

Best California-Approved Wine Fridges

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What Are California’s Energy-Efficient Regulations?

According to the state of California’s energy-efficient regulations, only certain wine refrigerators with specific capabilities are legally allowed in the state.

In the state of California, wine coolers must:

  • Have a standardized temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Have a calculation of test cycle energy expended using the formula: ET=(EP x 1440 x k)/T

California’s energy commissioner, Patty Monahan, has made precise laws regarding energy-efficient appliances to lessen the state’s carbon emissions and help its environment. Her goal is for the state of California to do its part in creating a healthier world for everyone. 

Energy efficiency simply means wasting less energy. When you can maintain an energy-efficient lifestyle, you can:

  • Reduce gas emissions into the environment
  • Lessen the necessity for energy imports
  • Lower overall costs of each household throughout the entire country

California has recognized the importance of maintaining an energy-efficient lifestyle for the sake of humankind; therefore, the entire state has set strict guidelines for the purchase of all appliances within the state, so they can do their small part in creating a safer planet.

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7 Best California-Approved Wine Refrigerators

If you are a California-living wine connoisseur, you understand that it can be frustrating to find a wine refrigerator that follows California’s energy and environmental regulations. Don’t worry, though! The following seven refrigerators can provide you with ample storage for your wine and are California-approved.

1. NutriChef 15 Bottle Refrigerator

Nutrichef 15 bottle refrigerator
Nutrichef 15 bottle refrigerator

With a compact design, this cooler will do the trick without taking up too much space. Adjustable temperature settings offer each owner the ability to choose how chilled they would like to keep their wine

This cooler can hold 15 bottles of wine at one time, which lands on the smaller side of coolers, but does its job well by maintaining a sleek, modern appearance. The NutriChef 15-bottle refrigerator will fit perfectly on any bar or kitchen countertop.

Bright blue LED lights to come on whenever the insulated cooler door is opened. This allows the cooler to remain modest and unnoticed until the time is right. A child safety lock offers the option to have this cooler in a family-friendly household without having to worry about children accessing it.


  • Compact and able to fit on any countertop
  • Affordable and easily accessible in California
  • Modern LED lights that shine when the cooler is opened
  • Adjustable temperature for personal preference
  • This cooler uses the latest compression cooling technology
  • California energy-efficiency approved 


  • The refrigerator temperature is not easily visible at first glance
  • The corners are quite sharp, which can be dangerous if accidentally bumped into

Overall, the NutriChef 15-bottle cooler is the perfect cooler for someone new to the wine-cooling world. This compact, affordable cooler will do the trick without taking over your kitchen.

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2. Kalamera 30” Wine And Beverage Refrigerator

Kalamara 30" wine and beverage refrigerator
Kalamara 30″ Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

This beverage refrigerator with a built-in wine cooler can fit right under your kitchen counter, which creates a beautiful and out-of-the-way location for your beverages to rest.

This cooler is two-sided and can hold both wine and other chilled beverages as well. With wooden shelving, the appearance of this cooler is not only sleek but environmentally charming as well. 

Each side of the cooler can be kept at different temperatures, which offers more opportunities for you to keep different beverages at different temperatures, depending on preference and necessity. 

This cooler advertises the ability to cool bottles quickly and quietly. This allows the product to be beautifully seen yet not heard, which is not always easy to accomplish when it comes to energy-efficient coolers!


  • This cooler has visible setting buttons for easy use
  • Dual-sided cooler holds a diversity of different beverages
  • Built-in accessibility allows it to fit it under any counter space
  • Dual temperature settings allow different drinks to be kept at different temperatures
  • California energy-efficiency approved


  • Shelving is thin and cannot hold too many bottles at one time
  • The presets tend to fluctuate if the settings haven’t been set correctly

All in all, the Kalamera 30” Wine and Beverage Refrigerator is perfect for someone looking for a dual-sided and efficient cooler that can fit under counters.

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3. BGGME Compressor Wine Cooler

BGGME Compressor wine cooler
BGGME Compressor Wine Cooler

If you’re searching for a smaller wine cooler that can fit on top of your countertop, this is the perfect cooler for you! The BGGME Compressor looks stylish and modern and can hold 20 chilled bottles at one time. This cooler uses durable metal shelves that offer stability to sustain weight over time.

While chilling wine quickly, this cooler also offers fantastic energy-saving features that keep our environment safer while still getting the job done promptly! Soft LED, white lighting offers a calming and sleek look to the cooler without drawing too much attention. 

This cooler offers different styles of shelving for each owner’s personal preference. On the top of the cooler, the metal shelving gives you the ability to place each bottle on its side.

At the bottom of the cooler, there is a metal sliding shelf that allows you to slide open and select specific bottles while maintaining easy access. 


  • Sturdy, long-lasting shelving 
  • Energy-efficient settings that let you chill wine while remaining guilt-free
  • Soft, white LED lights offer a sophisticated look
  • California energy-efficiency approved


  • Smaller than the average cooler
  • Takes up more space than a built-in cooler

Overall, the BGGME Compressor Wine Cooler is perfect for someone who is looking for a small, compact, energy-conscience cooler to enjoy in their home.

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4. Lanbo Compressor Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler

Lanbo Compressor Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler
Lanbo Compressor Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler

This 71.3 inches high built-in cooler can hold up to 171 bottles! With the ability to fit into your counter space, it offers a standard-size refrigerator feel that will attract the eye at first glance. With white LED lighting, this cooler will remain lit up for up to ten minutes after use. 

This cooler offers a modern and sleek appearance with wood and metal shelving, as well as achieving a sturdy structure for significant amounts of weight at the same time. The door is made out of glass and stainless steel, which also gives a very professional and classy feel. 

Adjustable temperature settings let you keep your wine as chilled as you prefer. Each shelf rolls out, allowing its owner to easily pick and choose which bottle they would like to select.


  • Large shelf capacity
  • Sleek and sturdy appearance 
  • Soft, yet vibrant LED lighting that lasts for ten minutes after use
  • A built-in capability that allows it to be placed within the counter space
  • California energy-efficiency approved


  • Shelving is a little bit tight for the number of bottles that are supposed to be able to fit
  • When first purchased, the inside may smell of chemicals

The Lanbo Compressor Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler is perfect for someone who requires lots of space for bottles and easily accessible roll-out shelves.

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5. Kalamera 15” Built-In Wine Cooler

Kalamera 15″ Built-In Wine Cooler

This beautiful built-in cooler offers a safety lock feature, which is perfect for those who have children in the house. With the ability to hold 30 bottles of wine, this cooler offers a compact, yet classy feel to any kitchen or bar environment. 

The Kalamera 15” has a temperature memory setting, which allows you to set a specific temperature that will be remembered, even after a power outage. This cooler offers a sturdy, yet professional appearance complete with wire racks. 

Advanced cooling technology allows this cooler to chill your wine quickly, while also maintaining energy-efficient standards. Different LED colors are offered, allowing you to have a bright blue or soft white color. 


  • Safety lock for protection 
  • Smart digital control settings
  • The built-in structure allows for compact placement within counter space in any kitchen
  • California energy-efficiency approved
  • Easy to install and set up in your home
  • Two light-color options – bright blue and soft white


  • This cooler can be noisy 
  • Hinges are not always smooth when opened

All in all, the Kalamera 15” Built-In Wine Cooler is safe for a family home, and it also can look modern and understated within the counter space of your kitchen.

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6. Bodega 24” Wine Cooler

Bodega 24″ Wine Cooler

This wine cooler can hold up to 52 wine bottles of different sizes. It offers both built-in and freestanding capabilities. Efficient cooling technology lets you set the temperature according to your preferences via WiFi and your Android or Apple device.

This cooler has a carbon filter that creates a sustainable, long-lasting cooling filtration system. This cooler also prides itself on its ability to remain at a constant, low vibration when cooling, which creates little noise. 

The LED lighting and digital touch settings offer a modern look while remaining easy to operate. You can adjust the lighting settings to either blue or white, which lets you enjoy a variety of different styles you can showcase in your bar or kitchen.


  • Digital settings that are user friendly 
  • Double-layered glass door
  • Multiple LED lighting effects
  • Cooling technology that offers multiple temperature settings
  • Temperature can be adjusted via WiFi
  • California energy-efficiency approved 


  • The door handle can stick at times
  • If you don’t let the cooler sit for 24 hours after arrival, it can suffer from cooling complications

Overall, the Bodega 24” is the perfect cooler for someone who is looking for something compact with lots of storage space. This cooler will give you the ability to store any shaped wine bottle at any temperature with easy access.

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7. Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler And Cabinet Refrigerator

Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler and Cabinet Refrigerator
Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler and Cabinet Refrigerator

This modern wine cooler can store 24 bottles and has a shelf at the bottom for other beverages like soda or beer. The Antarctic Star Cooler prides itself on having a top-of-the-line, airtight door that allows zero humidity to seep inside to the beverages.

Whether you prefer to stand wine bottles upright or lay on their sides, this refrigerator offers both options so that the user can choose their unique look. This cooler is also well known for its sturdy shelving, which allows it to remain unaffected by long-term wear.

While remaining almost completely silent, this cooler has a singular temperature system and will keep all of the beverages at the same temperature. Additionally, it is guaranteed not to vibrate or disrupt its space at all.


  • Soft, LED lighting 
  • Touch control panel for all settings
  • Sturdy metal shelving 
  • Airtight door to trap the cold
  • Extra door support for long-lasting use
  • California energy-efficiency approved 


  • Does not offer dual-cooling technology for different beverages
  • Does not have “built-in” capabilities 

Overall, the Antarctic 24 Bottle Wine Cooler and Cabinet Refrigerator is a perfect starter cooler for someone who wants to have an excellent wine appliance in their kitchen without taking up too much room. Even though it cannot cool beverages at different temperatures, it can keep all beverages at the singular desired temperature at all times because of its airtight technology.

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What Should You Look for in a Wine Cooler?

Purchasing a wine cooler may seem easy enough. However, there are quite a few factors that need to be taken into consideration so that this addition to your home proves to be the perfect one for your household.

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Specifications for you to consider when looking for a wine cooler include:

  • Bottle capacity – Most coolers can hold anywhere from 15-50 bottles. The bigger coolers that are standard refrigerator size can hold up to 200 bottles! It is essential to reflect on how much wine storage you need to purchase the right cooler.
  • Energy efficiency – Whether or not energy efficiency is important to you when purchasing a large appliance, it is recommended to check your state’s laws regarding energy efficiency since states like California have concrete guidelines set into place to protect our environment. Purchasing a cooler that does not follow the correct guidelines could result in a fine and removal of the appliance. 
  • Shelf material – The material of the shelving on a wine cooler can determine the structure and sturdiness of your cooler over time. If you are going to be using your cooler regularly, you may want to consider purchasing a cooler that has metal shelving because it is proven to last longer and endure more use.
  • Cooler size: height, width, and depth – Before purchasing a wine cooler, determine the space in your home you want the cooler to go in. Then, measure the space and decide if you will be installing a built-in cooler or if you will be purchasing a countertop cooler that will not require installation. 
  • Dual or single-temperature features – Dual-temperature coolers are perfect for someone who wants to store multiple types of beverages within the same cooler. For someone who will only be storing wine in their cooler, they will most likely only need a single-temperature setting. 
  • Setting features – Depending on the price and design of your wine cooler, it will offer different types of settings that let you can change the temperature, lock your cooler, and change the LED colors inside the cooler. Each cooler will offer a different range of settings, so you must be aware of the specs of the cooler that you are purchasing.
  • Noise level – Since this appliance will be left on 100% of the time, it is also critical to consider noise. Different coolers will make different levels of noise while they are cooling. If a lack of noise is important to you, do your due diligence when researching your cooler and looking at reviews.

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Final Thoughts

There are many California-approved wine coolers on the market, but after researching all of the different options, these seven are the best in overall appearance, energy efficiency, and overall daily use.

Finding the perfect wine cooler for your personal needs can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to know where to begin. With a beautiful wine cooler in your home, your home will have a new and attractive ambiance while maintaining practicality.

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