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About Pinot Squirrel

Thank you for visiting This website is dedicated to providing the best information we can in regard to wine storage and preservation.

There are countless resources online about wine but I have found a general lack of an all-inclusive hub for the important topic of wine storage.

I feel that properly storing wine is as important as which kind you buy. This site is devoted to learning and providing you with the best wine storage knowledge and insights available.

I do reference scientific findings and call upon the knowledge of other reputable sources on wine storage topics. I want to provide you with the most useful and factual information I can.

The name Pinot Squirrel was chosen because just as a squirrel is a master of storing acorns before winter, so to that I want you to become a master in your own right at storing your own “wine acorns” so you can enjoy them fully later on.

I hope you get a lot of value out of the information provided within these pages and learn how to better enjoy quality wine long after the bottle is purchased or has been opened. Thank you for giving your time and I hope you have a great day.

Fun Fact About Squirrels: They bury acorns and other nuts in the ground in preparation for lean winter days. They don’t always remember where they place each acorn and some of those forgotten acorns become trees.

Team of PinotSquirrel Wine Experts

Articles published on this website are written by real wine experts or under their supervision. So let’s introduce them!

Susan Connolly is a wine consultant in the business for 15+ years working in all aspects of the business including:

  • a wine wholesaler for a large corporation representing wineries large and small, a go-between working directly with winemakers and multi-generation wine families,
  • selling small boutique wines to retail as well as restaurants, hotels, and other venues, conducting wine dinners, and writing wine lists for restaurants,
  • teaching wine education classes at a local university including Wine 101, Wines around the World, Food and Wine, Champagne for the holidays, among others.

All articles written by her can be found here.

Allison Sheardy came to wine as a second career about five years ago and has truly found her calling. She has created a niche for herself working in unique wine regions around the country (Texas Hill Country, historic Livermore, CA, and now Minnesota), and specializes in boutique, family-owned wineries.

Allison’s love for wine goes beyond her career; it is truly her raison d’etre. As such, she loves learning as much as she can about the ever-expanding world of wine – Allison has earned the WSET Level 3 Certification in Wines and is almost finished with the WSET Diploma.

All articles written by her can be found here.

Katarina Jelks is a professionally trained sommelier and wine enthusiast from Hawaii, receiving her Wine & Management Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She has worked in the wine industry all around the world, including France, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

She has experience in every aspect of the craft, from harvesting the grapes to tasting and reviewing wines. Dedicated to hospitality, she enjoys nothing more than making people feel comfortable and happy, ensuring that they have the best gastronomical experience possible.

She believes that the most important thing about being a sommelier is not to judge wines, but to simply understand them. Every wine has a story to tell, it’s up to us to listen!

Katarina is soon to be opening a wine and cheese bar in Honolulu to fulfill her lifelong goal of sharing her passion with others, chasing their thirst for interesting wine and great food. Please check out her Instagram profile @bleuroosterhonolulu.

All articles written by her can be found here.

Ahry Ko is a Certified Sommelier hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She is passionate about the world of beverages, with a strong focus on fine wine, craft beer, and spirits.

She studied political science at Emory University but fell in love with wine and hasn’t looked back since. When she isn’t attending tastings, writing articles, or studying for wine exams, you can find her in the kitchen baking some excessively complicated pastry, or playing with her dog Lily.

All articles written by her can be found here.