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About Pinot Squirrel

Thank you for visiting This website is dedicated to providing the best information we can in regards to wine storage and preservation.

There are countless resources online about wine but I have found a general lack of an all-inclusive hub for the important topic of wine storage.

I feel that properly storing wine is as important as which kind you buy. This site is devoted to learning and providing you the best wine storage knowledge and insights available.

I do reference scientific findings and call upon the knowledge of other refutable sources on wine storage topics. I want to provide you with the most useful and factual information I can.

The name Pinot Squirrel was chosen because just as a squirrel is a master of storing acorns before winter, so to that I want you to become a master in your own right at storing your own “wine acorns” so you can enjoy them fully later on.

I hope you get a lot of value out of the information provided within these pages and learn how to better enjoy quality wine long after the bottle is purchased or has been opened. Thank you for giving your time and I hope you have a great day.

Fun Fact About Squirrels: They bury acorns and other nuts in the ground in preparation for lean winter days. They don’t always remember where they place each acorn and some of those forgotten acorns become trees.