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4 Best Wine Refrigerators with a Lock (Honest Reviews)

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Wine refrigerators are a tremendous tool for keeping wine in pristine condition but keeping your wine collection out of the hands of children is vital for their safety. You could also argue that keeping your wine safe is a priority too. In this article, we will cover the best wine fridges with locks to keep your kids and wine safe from each other. 

What are the best wine refrigerators with a lock? There are four locking wine refrigerators and coolers that range in size, material, price, and brand name that have one thing in common: they are all loved by wine enthusiasts for their effectiveness. The Lanbo 306 Bottle Wine Refrigerator and the Kalamera 18 Bottle Single Zone are among the favorites.

Wine refrigerators are great for keeping all types of wines for you and any house guests you would like to share them with. To keep them safe from anyone that should not be drinking them and to avoid any unnecessary loss of cool air from curious visitors opening the door to explore, all of the nine chosen wine refrigerators have a lock to keep them securely closed until you need to open it yourself. Additionally, most lockable wine refrigerators come with two keys. 

Best Wine Refrigerators with a Lock

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Best Locking Wine Fridges

Depending on the amount of space you need and the temperature you need to set it on, choosing a wine refrigerator should be simple. Buying a refrigerator that has more space than you currently need will also be helpful because it will allow you to grow your collection without any space constraints.

Many refrigerators with multiple zones will allow you to set a different temperature for each zone. This will come in handy if you drink both red and white wines.

Kalamera 18 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator

Best wine refrigerators with a lock
Kalamera Mini Refrigerator

A great Kalamera wine refrigerator is the 18 Bottle Single Zone Refrigerator. It is a smaller unit and is great for those that only have a small collection of wine and plan to keep it that way.

Because it is a single-zone wine refrigerator, it only has one temperature setting that can be set anywhere between 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sleek and simplistic design of this fridge allows it to be used as a freestanding or a built-in refrigerator. This wine fridge has a vent system that is placed in the front of the refrigerator, allowing for ample airflow and quiet operation.

The racks inside of the fridge are adjustable for those extra-large bottles of wine. The window on the door of the fridge is tinted a dark shade to protect the wine from any damage from light. The temperature settings are touch screen, and the refrigerator is known to be particularly quiet. 

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Customers that buy this wine refrigerator are extremely happy with it, according to their ratings. Many people express their delight at its modern look and its compact size while being in an affordable price range for such a product. But, like any product that is shipped to your home, there is the possibility of receiving it with some sort of damage. 

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Lanbo 306 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Lanbo Wine Cooler Refrigerator
Lanbo Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Lanbo wine refrigerator is the most expensive on the list, mostly because this refrigerator can hold a whopping 306 bottles of wine. It is a dual-zone wine refrigerator that offers eight shelves of storage in the top half of the fridge and 10 shelves of storage in the bottom half.

Additionally, the last shelf in the fridge has extra room for those larger bottles of wine. This is the kind of wine refrigerator that you see in a wine enthusiast’s kitchen. 

The Lanbo 306 Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator can be installed as a built-in or freestanding model due to the venting system being installed on the front of the fridge.

It is made to be highly efficient, and the shelves can be removed if you need more space for large bottles. The glass on the fridge door is double-paned tempered glass to ensure the quality of the wine stays good for the entirety of the time it stays in the fridge. 

The compressor in the vent system makes sure that the fridge runs quietly as it keeps your wine cool, and of course, it has a security lock to keep people out of it. This is a very large refrigerator, measuring almost 80 inches tall.

Many customers complain about the amount of space within the fridge, but fortunately, the customer service is pretty helpful. If you want to make one of these refrigerators yours, you can find it at Amazon.

Click here to view current pricing and read honest customer reviews (Amazon link).

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Vinotheque Café by Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar

Vinotheque Cafe by Wine Enthusiast Undercounter Wine Cellar
Vinotheque Cafe by Wine Enthusiast Undercounter Wine Cellar

Wine Enthusiast’s Vinotheque Café is a built-in wine refrigerator, which means that the vent system design will allow you to install this fridge into cabinetry or under a countertop or table.

The ventilation is located on the front of the fridge, which allows the hot air to escape from the front so you will not need to leave extra space for heat to escape.

This wine refrigerator has enough room to hold up to 46 bottles of wine, so it is perfect for anyone. The racks are made of beechwood that has a stainless-steel trim, which gives the inside of the fridge a very warm look.

The Vinotheque Café is a dual-zone model that will allow you to set two separate temperatures. The glass door is UV-protected, and the high-performance inverter compressor system will keep your wine at the perfect temperature while protecting it from humidity, light, heat, and vibration. 

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To make this refrigerator an even greater product, it is energy-efficient and has a charcoal filter that gets rid of any foul odors. The Vinotheque Café is extremely quiet, so you will not have to worry about any loud fans or vibrating noises coming from it.

Additionally, this wine refrigerator has a standard warranty that covers 1 year for parts and labor and 3 years for parts for the sealed system. You can find the Vinotheque Café by Wine Enthusiast on their website.

Click here to view current pricing and read honest customer reviews (Amazon link).

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Kalamera 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Kalamera wine-cooler refrigerator
Kalamera Wine-Cooler Refrigerator

This Kalamera wine refrigerator was named the best compressor wine refrigerator on Business Insider for many reasons. For starters, this refrigerator holds 46 wine bottles exceptionally well, and it offers dual zones for temperature settings.

The top half of the fridge will keep your wine around 40 to 50 degrees, while the bottom half is a warmer temperature of around 50 to 66 degrees. This is perfect for any wine enthusiast that has a taste for both red and white wine.

This wine refrigerator has a digital display that will show you the temperatures of both sections and has arrow buttons so that you can change it. It is a built-in model, which means that the vent system is built into the front of the fridge so that you can place it under a cabinet or table without fearing it will overheat.

It is quiet for a compressor fridge, but it is not the quietest that you will be able to find. Many people complain of odd noises coming from it. This Kalamera model is known to keep extremely steady temperatures and is energy efficient.

This fridge has 5 shelves, two of which are on the top half of the refrigerator, and three are on the bottom. The shelve can extend out to about eight inches so that you can view each shelf without any annoyances.

Additionally, the refrigerator door can open from either the left or right side, in case you need to put it in a tight spot against a wall.

The Kalamera 46 Bottle Wine Refrigerator is available on Amazon, usually for around $790, but sometimes if you are lucky, you can catch a sale. It is a wonderful wine refrigerator all-in-all.

But like any product, there are a few people that had bad experiences with the condition the fridge arrived at their home in and the amount of time it lasted until they began having issues with it.

Click here to view current pricing on Amazon and read honest customer reviews. (link to Amazon)

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Finding a wine refrigerator that is right for you and your collection can be hard because there are just so many different options to choose from. Most, if not all, wine refrigerators nowadays have the same features and do the same thing, so how do you decide on which one to buy?

Well, the answer is to always look at customer reviews. There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on a product that only works for a short while or does not even work at all. 

To make your search easier, you have been given a list of four of the top wine refrigerators today. This is subject to change, of course, if someone comes along with a better product. But for now, you have an idea of what you are looking for and how well it should work for you.

Now the only thing you have to do is have it delivered to you and stock it full of your tasty wine.

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