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How Much Wine Refrigerators Cost (55 Models Featured)

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Wine refrigerators can be a great tool to preserve wine long-term and cost you far less than a devoted wine cellar. The cost of wine coolers is a concern for most prospective buyers. Understanding the expected costs of wine refrigerators can help you get the best overall value for your money and your wine needs.

How much does a wine refrigerator cost? A wine refrigerator can range in cost from $200 up to over $10,000 depending on bottle capacity. Smaller wine refrigerators under 50 bottles will range between $200 and $1000 whereas models with greater bottle capacity than 50 will be much more expensive. While the initial cost of the wine refrigerator is the largest expense, ongoing electricity and maintenance costs need to be factored in as well.

Bottle CapacityValuePrice
6-20 BottlesGood Small for Collection$250
21-30 BottlesGreat Intermediate Level$453
31-40 BottlesBest Value Range$595
41-50 BottlesGreat for Larger Collection$587
51+ BottlesGood for Large Collection$720+
How Much Wine Refrigerators Cost

I spent a few hours pricing out 55 of the best wine refrigerators available today. These are some of the most popular models on the market in various bottle capacities. I want to show you exactly what you can expect to pay for a top-quality wine cooler and what your model can buy you.

How Much Wine Refrigerators Cost (55 Models Featured)
How Much Wine Refrigerators Cost

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Bottle Capacity & Wine Cooler (Refrigerator) Cost

The bottle capacity of wine refrigerators heavily influences the price. I have scoured various wine refrigerator marketplaces to get an estimate of the anticipated cost within various bottle capacity ranges.

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6-10 Bottle Capacity Models

Manoch 6 BottleFreestanding Only$280
EdgeStar CWR705Z 7 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$440
Avanti EWC6C1B 6 BottleFreestanding Only$150
Koolatron WC08 8 BottleFreestanding Only$140
6-10 Bottle Capacity Models Costs

I wouldn’t get any wine fridge costing less than $250. You get what you pay for and skimping out can result in subpar storage. Of the models I featured above, I recommend the EdgeStar 7 Bottle Wine Fridge within this bottle capacity category.

It is the most expensive model but EdgeStar is a premium brand that produces excellent wine coolers. It will last you longer and do a more effective job keeping your wine optimally stored than the others. 

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12-18 Bottle Capacity Models

Ivation IVFWCC125LB 12 BottleFreestanding Only$180
Ivation IVFWCC121LB 12 BottleFreestanding Only$180
Ivation IVFWCC121LSS 12 BottleFreestanding Only$210
NutriChef PKCWC12 12 BottleFreestanding Only$225
Ivation PKCWC150 15 BottleFreestanding Only$300
SPT WC-1686C 16 BottleFreestanding Only$160
Danby DWC018A1BDB 16 BottleFreestanding Only$180
Ivation IVFWCC181LB 18 BottleFreestanding Only$200
Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone MAX 18 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$350
hOmelabs 18 BottleFreestanding Only$220
12-18 Bottle Capacity Models Costs

This category is for people with slightly larger wine collections and a little extra space. Most models within this bottle range are built-in capable which allows you to place them under a counter or within a cabinet. There is good value in this price range. I would recommend staying between $300 and $400 in this category.

I love Wine Enthusiast as a brand so my recommendation is the Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone Max 18 Bottle Wine Cooler. It is really well-built and the dual zones allow you to store wine at different temperature ranges. At about $350, it offers tremendous value from a great company.

20-24 Bottle Capacity Models

Whynter WC-201TD 20 bottleFreestanding Only$410
Koolatron WC20 20 BottleFreestanding Only$200
Colzer AWC-270E 24 BottleFreestanding Only$330
Frigidaire FRWW2432AV 24 BottleFreestanding Only$200
EdgeStar CWR263DZ 24 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$680
20-24 Bottle Capacity Models Costs

This is a bottle capacity where you can find some gem models. I would recommend spending between $400 and $700. Anything more than that and you are spending too much.

I love the 24 Bottle model by EdgeStar but at around $680, it could be outside your justifiable price range. The Whynter 20 bottle wine cooler allows for fewer bottles but offers a better overall value.

Recommendation box: Everything you need to enjoy your wine as much as possible. All recommended products are personally tested and regularly used by experts from this website (Amazon links):

> Ivation Wine Cooler Energy-efficient wine cooler for 18 bottles with Wi-fi smart app control cooling system.
> Wine RackBeautiful, elegant wood rack for up to 7 bottles and the choice of vertical or horizontal storage.
> Durand Wine OpenerClassic vintage wine opener (we like all these classic staff).
> YouYah Iceberg Wine DecanterThe most beautiful and handy wine decanter we personally use.
> Bormioli Rocco Wine GlassesA set of eight elegant and traditional wine glasses made in Italy.
> Vintorio Wine AeratorSimple but really useful wine aerator for a reasonable price.
> The Original Vacu Vin Wine SaverThe best wine saver on the market in a package with two vacuum stoppers and two wine servers.

And if you want to become a true connoisseur of wine, we recommend reading the book Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine (Amazon link), where you will find all the information you need about winemaking, wine varieties, flavors, and much more.

26-28 Bottle Capacity Models

EdgeStar CWR263DZ 26 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$680
Avallon AWC151SZLH 27 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$900
Avallon AWC151SZRH 27 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$900
WIE 28 BottleFreestanding Only$350
Karcassin SKR-1532DS-B 28 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$600
Ivation IVFWCC281LB 28 BottleFreestanding Only$270
NewAir NWC028SS01 28 BottleFreestanding Only$400
Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$350
26-28 Bottle Capacity Models Costs

There are great models in this range. Don’t settle for any wine cooler costing less than $500. I love Wine Enthusiast but I don’t recommend their 28 bottle model as much as many of the other ones.

Instead, I recommend checking out the EdgeStar 26 Bottle wine cooler. I think that will be your best long-term option. It may be a little on the expensive side, but it will be a great investment.

30-32 Bottle Capacity Models

EdgeStar CWR302SZ 30 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$620
EdgeStar BWR301BL 30 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$460
Ivation IV-BWCC311SS 31 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$460
Karcassin 32 BottleFreestanding Only$510
Colzer 32 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$600
Smith & Hanks 32 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$600
Avanti WC34N2P Platinum Glass 32 BottleFreestanding Only$380
30-32 Bottle Capacity Models Costs

You can find really good value and quality here. I recommend the EdgeStar BWR301BL 30 Bottle wine fridge because you get EdgeStar quality and great bottle capacity at a great price. Overall, I would stay within a price range of $400-$700.

Every quality wine cooler within this bottle capacity will be compressor cooled. This cooling type affords much more effective cooling than thermoelectric systems. For larger capacity wine coolers, always go compressor cooled. 

34-36 Bottle Capacity Models

Ivation IVFWCC341LB 34 BottleFreestanding Only$300
Whirlpool WUW35X15DS 34 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$900
Frigidaire FRWW3433AV 34 BottleFreestanding Only$300
N’Finity Pro HDX 35 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$1500
Danby DWC350BLPA 35 BottleFreestanding Only$330
Karcassin SKR-2436DR-B 36 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$800
Kuppet 1021600400 36 BottleFreestanding Only$260
EdgeStar CWR362FD 36 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$1000
34-36 Bottle Capacity Models Costs

We are really starting to increase our asking price now. You should expect a high-quality wine refrigerator in this category to cost at least $800. I would not recommend buying anything below that price. Trust me, you aren’t saving money by cheating out on quality.

I love the N’Finity and EdgeStar models listed above. If you can afford it, go with the N’Finity at $1500. If not, the EdgeStar 36 bottle model is outstanding. Both models look great and are great at keeping wine in perfect condition. 

44-46 Bottle Capacity Models

Magic Chef HMWC44DZ 44 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$400
Kalamera 46 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$850
Karcassin SKR-2454DS 46 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$700
44-46 Bottle Capacity Models Costs

I couldn’t find a model within this range that I loved. The above-listed models are good enough but I don’t feel they are ones I can strongly recommend. If you want to find a great wine fridge, $850 is a really good starting price. 

50-52 Bottle Capacity Models

Kalamera KRC-52ASS 50 BottleFreestanding Only$440
Magic Chef HMWC50ST 50 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$450
Ivation IVFWCC511LWSS 51 BottleFreestanding Only$500
Ivation IVFWCC511LB 51 BottleFreestanding Only$460
Colzer YC-150A 51 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$800
Frigidaire FGWC52L3TS 52 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$500
50-52 Bottle Capacity Models Costs

Be careful with any wine fridge under $900 in the 50-52 bottle capacity range. Some wine lovers could find value with models costing less, but I would be nervous. A great price range for 50-52 bottles is $950-$1100.

These fridges won’t be too large and will still fit great in your kitchen stored under the counter, in a cabinet, or freestanding. This is a significant investment so think this through carefully and don’t cheap out.

92+ Bottle Capacity Models

Whynter BWR-0922DZ 92 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$950
EdgeStar CWR1662SZ 151 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$1400
Whynter BWR-166S2D 166 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$1000
Lanbo LW306D-1 287 BottleFreestanding & Built-In Capable$2300
92+ Bottle Capacity Models Costs

You can really go down the rabbit hole here. Any wine refrigerator over 100 bottles in capacity will cost you $1000 all the way up and above $10,000.

If you have the money, the love for wine, and the means to acquire such a collection, go for it. This category is for serious wine lovers with plenty of disposable money and a real wine passion.

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How I Got My Data

How Much Wine Refrigerators Cost (55 Models Featured)

I got all of my data from Wine Enthusiast, Wine Coolers Direct, Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes. I analyzed the costs of 55 wine refrigerators in various bottle categories ranging from 6 bottles all the way up to more than 190.

Other online articles on this topic only give a price range but I really wanted to illustrate the cost of more than 50 of the most popular models on the market currently.

Additionally, I wanted to factor how the cost was impacted by the cooling system, the number of bottles, type of doors, presence of a safety lock, whether or not it has dual-zone cooling capability, and if it could be built-in or has to remain freestanding.

I also needed to show that some premium brands like Wine Enthusiast, EdgeStar, and N’Finity will demand a higher price than many other brands because of their quality and reliability. 

TIP: To find a good quality wine refrigerator under $300, read this guide. This buyer’s guide discusses the 5 best wine refrigerators for Champagne – don’t miss it!

Factors Impacting Costs

Bottle Capacity

How Much Wine Refrigerators Cost (55 Models Featured)

The amount of bottles a wine refrigerator can hold is perhaps the biggest determination of price. You can buy small 6 bottle wine refrigerators for under $200.

The cost of the wine cooler is proportional to the number of bottles it can hold. You can expect to pay over $1000 for any wine refrigerator with more than 100 bottle capacity. 


The quality of the model wine fridge and the reputation of the brand is huge driving force in cost. As an example, Wine Enthusiast is known as a premier brand and its models will cost more than lower-end models found on Amazon or Lowes.

The quality will be better generally speaking. You get what you pay for. When you are talking about protecting your wine investment, I recommend getting the best wine refrigerator you can afford.

Type of Cooling System

Compressor cooling is preferred over thermoelectric cooling because of its reliability and performance. You can store more bottles of wine under extremely stable conditions with compressor-powered wine fridges.

Most models are compressor cooled because of their value. I recommend only looking at these types and only considering thermoelectric wine coolers if you have a small wine collection to manage.

Built-In or Freestanding

Built-in wine coolers are going to cost more money than a freestanding-only model. Built-in models refer to the ability to place a wine refrigerator inside a cabinet or under a counter. These models have forward-facing ventilation that allows the appliance to self-cool in tight spaces.

These appliances are built for tight spaces. Built-in wine coolers can be placed freestanding, but most people prefer to place them under a counter or in a cabinet. It just looks way better and will increase the value of your home immediately. 

Dual Temperature Zones

Dual-zone wine refrigerators generally cost more than single zoned units. A dual-zone unit allows you to store wine under 2 separate conditions at the same time. You can store sparkling wines under colder temperatures on one side and warmer-tolerant red wines on another.

This gives you more flexibility. That said, dual zones aren’t always better. Single-zone wine refrigerators offer better bottle capacity than dual zones and dual zones can be problematic long-term.

Tinted Glass

Many wine fridge doors have tinted glass. Wine is very susceptible to light and heat damage. The dark-tinted glass will protect your wine from harmful UV and artificial light that will damage your wine long-term. Tinted glass can contribute to the cost of many models. 

Safety Locks

In my opinion, safety locks are one of the most important features a wine fridge can have. To me, it is a true mark of quality.

It is important to protect your wine collection and keep your children and teenagers safe. I strongly recommend a good wine refrigerator with a safety lock and key. Safety locks will raise the cost and value of a wine fridge.


The style and quality of shelves will play a big role in deciding cost. Always go with a wine cooler with slide-out shelves. This will increase bottle capacity and make accessing wine bottles much easier. The quality of the shelves is a big deal.

Flimsy shelves will jerk as you roll them out or they will fit loose on the guides. You will feel the quality of a great shelf immediately. On the other hand, cheaper wine coolers have cheaper shelves that can break or cause you problems down the road. 

TIP: Read this article to decide the best wood and material for a wine cellar and this article for an estimated cost to install and build a great wine cellar!

Door style

The door itself can add to the cost of a wine fridge. Most people don’t put a ton of thought into the door but it can really make or break the functionality of your fridge.

For example, if you place a built-in model refrigerator in the corner of your kitchen but select a door that swings out towards the room, it will be difficult to access the wine inside.

On the other hand, if your door opens from the “room” side and swings towards the wall, you will find it much easier to access your bottles. Select the proper door for your kitchen or space. Whether a door is single or double “French” doors can also influence the cost.

Many people, myself included, prefer the look and compact design or a single door fridge, it can actually cost more money for a double door wine refrigerator.

Wine fridges with double doors are often better suited for dual temperature zone storage and often have a higher bottle capacity than single-door wine coolers. 

TIP: A suitable wine glass is the basis for enjoying well-being while drinking your favorite wine variety. Here are our favorite ones (Amazon link):

Other Costs to Factor In

How Much Wine Refrigerators Cost (55 Models Featured)

Costs to Run Wine Refrigerators

The costs to run a wine fridge need to be taken into account. Small thermoelectric wine coolers will eat up to about $40 in electricity annually whereas a large compressor-cooled wine fridge can be about $100 per year.

These are not huge costs as wine refrigerators are more energy-efficient than many assume. For a complete breakdown of the costs to run a wine fridge and how to save on your energy bill, please check out this very helpful article I wrote.

Maintenance Costs

Keeping a wine refrigerator in working order for years may require some additional money. Most wine fridges will come with a limited warranty but you can still expect to pay for most fixes out of pocket.

Most fixes will be relatively inexpensive or completely free. For example, I wrote a very helpful article on what to do if your wine fridge starts leaking water.

Other issues, especially electrical in nature, will be a bit more costly. If you buy a quality wine fridge from a reputable company, your fridge should last years without issue. Just be aware that stuff does happen and it may be a bit pricey to fix.

The below table lists the current estimated costs to repair a wine fridge:

Wine Cooler PartCosts Products on Amazon
Compressor$100 – $600Best Compressors
Thermostat$5 – $30Best Thermostats
Start relay$7 – $16Best Start Relays
Condensor motor$30 – $250Best Condensor Motors
Overload protector$5 – $10Best Overload Protectors
Cooling fan unit$10 – $25Best Cooling Fan Units
Control board$60 – $250Best Control Boards
Temperature switching PCB$30 – $50Best PCBs
Thermal plate$30 – $50Best Thermal Plates
Estimated Costs to Repair Wine Fridge

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